• Kosta Grammatis

    Founder & Chief Executive Optimist
    Kosta has researched at and consulted for the MIT Media Labs and has worked on projects ranging from bionic eyes, satellites, spacecraft, and vision testing systems for developing countries. Projects he has worked on have been awarded TIME’s best invention of 2009, Vodaphone’s Wireless Innovation Award, and won the MIT Global Challenge and a Google Innovation Grant. He has spoken at TEDx, the United Nations, and numerous space and communications conferences. He started A Human Right because he believes the Internet is a tool that helps people to help themselves.

  • Abby Goldberg

    Director of Strategic Partnerships
    Abby is an advocate and strategist for the advancement of human rights and gender equality. Named by GovFresh as one of the Top 100 Women in Politics & Technology, Abby has been a founding member of the Global Justice Center, All Day Buffet, and Digital Democracy. She worked on the development of the first mobile based tool for coordinating responses to gender based violence in Haiti's camps and has spoken widely on international justice, women's equality, and innovative strategies for enforcement of women's equality across the globe. Most recently, she has served as a consultant to UN Women, Nike and Global Citizen Year, the New Media Advocacy Project, and the Nuru Project spearheading programming initiatives, curriculum development, and global campaigns.

  • Edward Perkins

    Master Twitterer & Community Manager
    Edward has worked on issues ranging from homelessness to Canadian First Nation land claims. His specialities include social media, speech writing, research, and futures consulting. As an entrepreneur and professional translator, he has spearheaded multilingual community management projects for governments, multinational companies, and political causes. He resides in London, where he splits his time between A Human Right, music, and translation.

  • Chris Ergen

    Director of Technical Partnerships
    Chris splits his time between freelance consulting in the communications industry and participating in art and music movements around the world. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team as he spent his youth learning from the greats in telecommunications and the satellite industry while supporting his family's business, Dish Network. He works with A Human Right, Dish Network and Globecomm Systems to help enhance communications on Earth. Also an artist of a somewhat unique variety, he collaborates with creatives from around the world to help bring more artistic expression into the world. Most recently he facilitated the launch of an art project into the depths of space.

  • Christian von der Ropp

    Director, Terrestrial Networks
    Christian was 16 when he started his first Internet business in 1997 as a webdesigner. While studying law at the University of Tübingen, Germany he worked as a financial analyst in the field of new technologies and fell in love with telecommunications. He began work as an ITC consultant with a strong focus on wireless networks including GSM, UMTS and LTE and has since specialized in intercontinental submarine cables and advises in the creation of telecommunications policy internationally.

  • Colin Doylend

    Director, A Human Right Canada
    Colin has spent over ten years gaining experience and knowledge in all levels of government, business and First Nation communities. His passion for technology and social ventures has created a network of affirmed relationships with Aboriginal community and business leaders in Canada. Those connections have allowed Colin to facili- tate multi-million dollar green energy developments and economic partnerships an behalf of and with the First Nations people of Canada. Colin is the Director of A Human Right Canada.


  • Thomas Curran

    CTO, Deutsche Telekom

  • David Drucker

    Founder, WildBlue

    Co-Founder, Echostar

  • Daniel Faber

    Former President, Canadian Space Society

  • Chérif Ghaly

    United Nations

    Chief, Technical Coordination and Partnerships (UNOCHA)
    Chair, Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications (UNOCHA)

  • John Herrington



    First Native American in Space

  • Jan King

    Vice President, Qualcomm

    Vice President, Space Technology for STL

  • Patrick Lanthier

    Co-Founder/Chairman, Emergency Communications Leadership & Innovation Center (eCLIC), Carnegie Mellon University-Silicon Valley

  • Gregory Pappas

    Founder, Greek America Foundation

    Special Advisor, XPrize Foundation

  • Howard Rheingold

    Author & Luminary

  • Noah Samara

    Founder, XM Radio

    Founder, 1Worldspace Satellite Radio

  • Nigel Seale

    Founder, Earth Day International

  • Tiffany Shlain

    Film Maker

    Founder, Webby Awards